Sunday, 22 May 2011

Some more scribblings

So I went to this party on the beach in London last night. It's called "reclaim the beach" had a great time and met some good people. DJ was playing reggae and electro., probably other sub genres I don't understand as well.

I've recently decided to grow dreadlocks as well. My hair is too short at this point but when it gets longer I'll let it dread naturally through neglect.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thoughts of the day

Well I'm leaving on a trip around Europe for three months on the 06/06/2011 with no real plan and am gonna hitch hike everywhere.
I am budgeting for 10 Euros per day as I plan to use the couchsurfing and camping in a tent as accommodation. Also will be WWOOFing and possibly other kinds of volunteer work so that should help with keeping the costs down and of course be a great experience as well.
Small problem.... alcohol! I'm gonna have to take it easy if I want to stay within budget. At least I'll find more constructive things to do with my time perhaps.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Backstory (forgive the grammer)

Well I might as well write a little about myself so you can know who's writing this stuff.
I'm a 26 YO guy from Australia, I was born in India when my mum was living over there in her hippie years.
Then moved to Australia after one year where we moved around quite a lot living in large houses with other families involved in the religious cult which I was raised in. Aside from having to put up with preaching from these people the whole environment was pretty cool, and we lived in some amazing houses. My schooling was done at home along with all the other kids in the house and was of course not the best. Let me tell you it takes time having to un-learn all the lies you were told as well. I won't go into too much detail about the cult and my time in it because that would be a book. So anyway at the age of fourteen I started to rebel against the whole situation and got a job and moved into a flat with a friend. We had no furniture or kitchen utensils or anything really so went and got stuff from the salvation army to get started. I decided I would try and learn some skills and try and figure out this other world, so I did a welding course at TAFE for six months fulltime while working at hungry jacks and getting youth allowance. Got a job at a metal construction place which I rode my bike to everyday for over an hour each way. It wasn't long before I was miserable and I absolutely hated it. So after three months of that I quit and continued changing jobs and doing different courses trying to find what I was "supposed" to be doing with myself. At this point I had moved back home and my mum (in Adelaide, Australia) was not really involved with the cult so much anymore, there was just this one other family we lived with and it was a weird situation but we always had fun though. When I turned 17 a family friend (ex cult member) came to visit us from Victoria, he offered me a job working for him as a bricklayers labourer back in the Gippsland area in Vic. I wasn't doing too much at the time and needed a change of scenery so took him up on the offer and moved there where I also started another course called "conservation and land management" which I really enjoyed, as I loved being out in nature and working towards something that helped preserve it. I also fell in love with fishing during my time there and still love it now. I got my license and bought a beat up old ford XD for $700. I was living in this massive caravan with a girl who I met doing the same course as me and we had a relationship for awhile. She was from Melbourne and used to have her friends up now and then on the weekends and we had some fun parties. During one of these parties I learned that she had fallen for one of her old friends and this obviously upset me so when everyone passed out drunk I decided to pack my stuff and take off. I was still blind drunk and stoned and I left without saying a word to anyone, so at around 5:30am I grabbed my bags my dog and my goldfish and made tracks to Adelaide. Stupidest thing I've ever done!! 12 hours drive ahead of me and I was still drunk from the party, no sleep, temperatures in the high 30s and a shitbox car with no AC that was cooking me like an oven. The car burned so much fuel and I used all the money I had in the world to get home. But just when I was going through the Adelaide hills I needed to fill up again and so had to convince the guy at the station that I would pay them back if they credited me the fuel. After the longest 12 hours of my life I made it home and my car shuddered and died for good just when I rolled into the driveway. It had been a year since I'd first left Adelaide. Soon after I arrived home I got a job as a sales rep going door to door trying to change peoples phone plans. Turns out I'm pretty good at this because one month I made the most sales in the company which had 300 plus reps Australia wide. It would be here that I would meet the girl who I would spend the next 6 years with in a on again off again relationship. She was beautiful, an Indian girl who grew up in Fiji but moved to Australia in her mid teens. She had amazing eyes and a bubbly personality, I was in love immediately. Lame I know... Anyway I decided to change jobs for some reason and worked for a landscaper for 6 months then in hospitality then started a trainee-ship as an arborist for a year also did another trainee-ship working with green corps for 6 months which I loved, actually that might have been before I went to Vic. Anyway while I was working pretty damn hard as a trainee arborist earning very little I found out my stepbrother was making some good money sub-contracting as a steel-fixer so decided I would work towards the same sort of thing. I asked him if he needed someone and he did so I worked for him for awhile and was apparently handy with the steel and could work out the drawings pretty quick so got poached by another crew offering a lot more money and less hours. I worked with them for 2 years during which time I was starting to make my own contacts and getting my own jobs which would prove to be very financially rewarding. Just as I was breaking away from my old crew more and doing my own jobs they got a contract to do the steelwork at a new mine in the desert with very good pay and asked if I was interested. I said yes as it would be a good chance to learn more and just have the experience. So I left my contacts and worked with them. It was f.i.f.o. from Adelaide and would be 12 hour days for two to six weeks on and one week off in 40 plus temperatures in direct sunlight. I tell ya six weeks of that does your head in! the contract lasted for six months. When it was over I needed a break, badly! And after meeting a few guys at the mine who had done a lot of travel I decided to go to Thailand for a month. I went there and had a blast with no concern for money as it was abundant. I look back now and realize I could have been so much smarter about it but it was worth it though. When I got back I bought a new car and a nice boat and all the things I wanted. I was renting a room from my stepbrother where we had a pool and it was just an awesome bachelor pad. That was a great time. So I was considering buying some land and had made some other "investments" in the share market which I will never do again! Finally just sold off the last of them and ended up being down a few quid., but no more headache at least. My girlfriend was currently traveling the world spending the money she got from a payout for a car accident she had a few years earlier. We had a long distance relationship for a year! I was working in the mines and she was exploring the world. Anyway she somehow managed to convince me to move to London to live with her on a working holiday visa. So I decided to come over for six months, I got my visa and stored my toys and headed over. the plan was really to just come and get her and bring her home so we could get on with our lives. When I arrived I was miserable! London was not my idea of a nice place to live. I spent the first month being a tourist and trying to get myself set up. I looked into steel-fixing jobs but soon found that the money was no good and I lost interest. I applied for all sorts of jobs and thought I would like to try something new anyway. I worked a few days for the moving company that my gf was working for. I wasn't interested to say the least. Then I worked a few weeks for a company that supplied and constructed marquees for festivals in the UK. Once again I soon realized it wasn't for me. Eventually I applied for a job working for an antiques dealer doing the display work, moving furniture and general handyman work. The job is the easiest I've ever had but the pay is terrible. Anyway, I was finding more and more that I did not want to be in a relationship with my gf anymore, we just didn't get along. When her visa ended in feb 2011 she went home and I broke it off and have just been having NSA sexual encounters with random women since. I decided to stay in London despite my old crew getting an even better paying job at another mine where I would be earning my weekly wage in London in one day! The reason I've made this choice is because I think I need the experience. I'm still in London now but have handed in my notice to work so I can go hitch hike around Europe for three months before I go live in Canada on a two year visa (pending) I sold my beautiful new car back home and lost a heap of money in the process. Now I have a completely different outlook on life and what I want to do with mine, so I'll keep posting thoughts and ideas and if it interests you, you can read it.

And that's the backstory   


Well I decided to start this blog to share my thoughts and experiences.
There are so many crossroads in my life right now so this can kind of be a way to help with organization. Just need somewhere to write things down and am always open for advice if you care to comment.